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    Requires Action: Repairs and Rehabilitation Fundamentals

    Presented by: Jeffrey Urban, VP of Enterprise Account Management

    Preventative maintenance takes the forefront when addressing post-construction stormwater infrastructure. However, regardless of how well a system has been maintained eventually the system will require some aspect of repair or rehabilitation. Conditions including climate change, changes in storm frequency and intensity, aging legacy systems, failure of materials, or improper preventative maintenance are all factors contributing the deterioration of a stormwater system.

    In this webinar learn more about technologies that can assist in providing the proper insight to how and why systems commonly fail, preventative measures to extend the life cycle of the system, and how to adequately budget for extensive repairs to your system.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Review key terminology and methodologies for each stormwater post-construction approach including repair and rehabilitation
    • Provide insight on new technologies that allow for easy assessing, reviewing and investigating providing thorough data to make informed decisions on SCMs
    • Explore budgeting and changing funding initiatives for repairs and rehabilitation projects, and how these changes impact current and future implementation
    • Highlight real-life case studies from minor repairs to large scale rehabilitations including data analysis, project assessment and engineering expertise