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    Riparian Habitat

    Riparian habitats describe the land and vegetation along the bank of a river or stream. Connecting the aquatic environment to the terrestrial environment, these zones provide habitats for wildlife, limit erosion, and mitigate flooding. Heavy vegetation supplies cover and food for native animals and slows runoff, reducing flooding downstream. Riparian areas act as a buffer protecting water quality through filtration. These areas are relatively low maintenance and can function naturally. To ensure efficiency of the area and prevent degradation, invasive plant species and any refuse or debris should be removed.

    Riparian Habitat


    Riparian habitats provide both stormwater benefits and habitats to local wildlife. These areas require little maintenance as they occur naturally yet are essential to successful terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.

    Riparian habitats provide water protection, water conservation, and stormwater quality benefits. Some of the benefits of riparian habitats include:

    • Efficient and effective pollutant and contaminant removal through infiltration and plant absorption
    • Reduction of water runoff and stormwater volume control from site
    • Effective local flood control
    • Provides groundwater recharge
    • Utilization of native forest ecosystem structure and landscape processes to increase water quality and biodiversity
    • Creates natural habitats for local wildlife
    • Reduction of soil erosion and removal of excess nutrients


    As the green stormwater infrastructure experts, AQUALIS has significant experience in the rehabilitation and long-term maintenance of riparian habitats. Our goal is to design and implement riparian habitats that effectively filter pollutants out, slow stormwater runoff, reduce erosion, create and restore habitat for native vegetation and wildlife and improve water quality in a natural manner.

    We can assist with the development and implementation of your riparian habitat management solution. Before we develop a plan for your property, an AQUALIS consultant will perform an initial site assessment to determine your stormwater management needs. Based on the information collected from this visit and our best practices, we will develop a plan that fits your site needs with the highest compliance at the lowest cost.

    We develop plans in a timely manner and will also manage your stormwater inspection program to ensure that your construction projects are always in compliance.


    To ensure optimal pollutant removal and flood control capabilities, a management plan is necessary. Partner with a professional today to properly maintain these assets and ensure optimal performance.

    Need assistance with your Riparian Habitat? We can help.

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