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    Stormwater Sand Filter

    Stormwater sand filter systems, or filtration basins, have been used for decades to treat stormwater runoff and improve water quality from impervious sites. Sand filter systems temporarily store stormwater runoff to filter and remove pollutants before they reach natural water sources, such as creeks, streams, and rivers. Stormwater is filtered through a natural, or an engineered filter media, and systems are commonly designed with two chambers. The first is a sediment chamber, or forebay, where larger particles deposit before the runoff water is filtered in a filtration bed of sand where fine particles are removed. Afterward, the filtered water is typically collected in an underdrain and then conveyed to the storm drainage system. Sand filter applications can be on the surface, below the surface, or within a cartridge configuration.

    Sand Filter


    Sand filter systems are a versatile stormwater management option, because they can require very little surface land and have few site restrictions. There are many iterations of sand filters designed to offer water quality benefits in many scenarios. Because sand filters have limited or no runoff volume reduction capacity, their filtering practices are a suitable water treatment option at a designated stormwater hotspot. Sand filters function best in combination with other stormwater control measures as they offer limited storage capacity to retain stormwater.

    Sand filter systems are best suited for smaller development sites with high total suspended solids, heavy metals, and hydrocarbon loading where other stormwater solutions are not practical. They are well adapted for applications with limited land areas, such as roads, driveways, parking lots, infill developments, small shopping centers, and multifamily developments. Finally, sand filters provide ideal turnkey stormwater management that is independent of local soil conditions, groundwater levels, and other factors.

    Stormwater sand filters provide water protection, water conservation, and stormwater quality benefits. Some of the benefits of a sand filter system include:

    • An efficient and effective pollutant and contaminant removal through pretreatment and treatment chambers
    • Reduction of water runoff and stormwater volume control from development sites
    • Groundwater recharge
    • Configured into any layout required with little required surface land
    • Fewer site restrictions make them suitable for small residential and commercial areas


    As a stormwater management company, AQUALIS specializes in the construction and maintenance of sand filter systems in both residential and commercial areas. Our goal is to design and implement stormwater sand filter systems that effectively filter pollutants out, slow stormwater runoff and improve water quality. Our stormwater management systems ensure full compliance with all regulatory guidelines, while achieving optimal functionality, performance and maintainability.

    We can assist with the development, implementation and maintenance of your stormwater sand filter management solution. Before we develop a sand filter plan, an AQUALIS consultant will perform an initial site assessment to determine your stormwater management needs. Based on the information collected from this visit and our best practices, we will develop a plan that fits your site needs with compliance and value as our focus. Our sand filter systems can be custom designed to meet local sand filter design requirements for any jurisdiction in the United States.

    We develop and construct stormwater sand filters in a timely manner and will also manage your inspection program to ensure that your construction project is always in compliance. Once the construction is complete, an AQUALIS representative will conduct training to educate you on how to properly maintain a sand filter system to ensure that future storm water samples are collected, reporting is conducted, and other documentation is done correctly. Our post-construction inspection and preventative maintenance programs can be custom tailored to the needs of the system, the property, and with knowledge of the local regulations.



    AQUALIS provides system maintenance to help you properly maintain a sand filter stormwater management system. To ensure stormwater sand filters provide reliable rates of pollutant removal, a regularly scheduled maintenance plan is necessary. Such a plan includes trash removal, inspecting and replacing sand media, skimming the sand bed, unclogging drains, ensuring inlet grates are intact, replacing cartridges where applicable, and pumping the oil and sediment buildup from the sedimentation chamber.

    We inspect pretreatment devices, structural components, infiltration systems, and sand filter systems regularly to help you continuously implement an effective stormwater program. Using our certified stormwater best management practices inspection, our specialized maintenance professional will manage and submit all the necessary inspections and required annual reports for you. Sand filters should be inspected regularly as they are subject to clogging. Clogged sand filters no longer provide water quality benefits and require media replacement to return to function. If your sand filter holds pools of water in dry weather, contact AQUALIS to inspect and repair your asset.

    AQUALIS is a nationwide leading provider of sustainable water management services to residential, commercial, industrial, municipal and governmental industries through stormwater consulting, inspection, maintenance, vactor, jetting, and repair services. Contact us to help you properly plan, develop, install, and maintain your stormwater sand filter system.

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