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    Webinar: Mitigating Property and Parking Lot Flooding

    Summary: When it rains it pours and it may cause your property to flood. Across the country, torrential downpours and tropical weather is producing property and parking lot flooding from mismanaged stormwater assets. This includes above and below ground stormwater systems such as catch basins, detention or retention ponds, outlets and inlets. These systems are designed to mitigate flooding, ensure water quality and meet local, regional, and national water compliance standards, but many property owners and facility managers are unaware of the stormwater systems they are required to maintain. In this educational session, we will explore how these systems protect your property by reducing flooding that could impact business and induce costly fines.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Review responsibilities implemented by the Clean Water Act and recognize regulations across the nation on the local, regional and national levels.
    • Understand different stormwater components that assist in managing stormwater runoff on impervious surfaces like parking lots.
    • Assess real-life case studies where property flooding impacted businesses from poorly maintained stormwater systems.

    Evaluate the preventative measures that can be taken to ensure the proper function of stormwater assets to reduce flooding and property damage