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    AQUALIS Celebrates Pollinator Week

    AQUALIS’ ROOT FOR NATURE™ Program Provides a Sanctuary for Declining Pollinator Species

    DURHAM, N.C. – AQUALIS, the leading national provider of comprehensive water management services, is honored to celebrate pollinator week from June 21-27. Nearly two years since announcing ROOT FOR NATURE™, a pilot program established to repurpose portions of clients' stormwater basins to create pollinator gardens, AQUALIS has planted and maintained dozens of pollinator gardens throughout the United States since the announcement of the program.

    ROOT FOR NATURE was established in 2019 to combat the decline in pollinators such as bees. The majority of the decrease in the bee species is due to a loss in feeding and nesting habitats, an effort that communities and organizations alike can come together to contribute to making an impact.

    Erin Zaske, Chief Development Officer for AQUALIS, states, "We know that increasing the natural habitat for the pollinator species increases yield crop for local agriculture, improves water quality for area watersheds and enhances the beneficial native plant species. AQUALIS' ROOT FOR NATURE program was implemented to drive awareness of the decrease of pollinators and increase pollinator species directly."

    AQUALIS' program embraces local vegetation, ensuring that all seeded plants are native to the region to support the native species and insects. In a typical pollinator garden, AQUALIS' team of stormwater experts sees nearly 30 to 40 different species. Additionally, AQUALIS states that they directly see improvements in water quality, hydrology, and ecosystem diversity in sites where pollinator gardens are installed.

    Richard Matero, Chief Executive Officer for AQUALIS added, "Encouraging a multi-tier habitat that includes micro to macro species assists in the quality of the Stormwater Control Measure (SCMs) like retention ponds where biodiversity is necessary to treat the water quality to protect local watersheds from pollutants."

    The hydrological water cycle is much more complex than the lessons learned in grade-school teachings. Pollinators impact water quality, aiding in the growth of native grass and plants, increasing the site's hydrological intake to decrease property flooding further, naturally removing pollutants from stormwater runoff and urging ecosystem expansion.

    To ensure regulatory and municipality cohesion, AQUALIS works directly with local municipalities, including county environmental specialists and certified erosion leads, for cities to safeguard these gardens so that they can thrive and reach their full potential. This process includes guaranteeing water quality by prohibiting the use of herbicides or pesticides on the site and working in harmony with the requirements of our clients.

    Inspiring business owners, municipalities and homeowners to implement their pollinator gardens is a value of AQUALIS' ROOT FOR NATURE. Zaske said, "AQUALIS has directly installed dozens of pollinator gardens but indirectly inspired hundreds. The aesthetically pleasing nature of these gardens creates conversations that inspire our clients and homeowners alike to implement gardens on their properties."

    AQUALIS was founded with one mission – To inspire change by preserving and protecting our most precious natural resource: water. The water cycle is fragile, as is our pollinator species. ROOT FOR NATURE provides a sanctuary for the pollinator species that support local watershed water quality and enhances the community's environmental stewardship. Working together to drive awareness and action can further make impactful strides toward ecological sustainability. Property owners have the option to convert their stormwater basin or implement other pollinator positive strategies throughout their SCMs through a partnership with AQUALIS. You can learn more about these services and AQUALIS mission by visiting their website at

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