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    City of Amarillo

    Amarillo Regulations

    Excerpts from Storm water management criteria manual

    1.3.15 Detention and Retention

    Maintenance of detention and retention basins requires the periodic removal of debris and sediment. Without maintenance, a basin will become unsightly, a social liability and eventually ineffective as a detention or retention basin. Maintenance of these basins will be assumed by the City when such basins are designed and built in accordance with the Storm Water Management Criteria Manual and adequate maintenance provisions, including access, are provided.

    1.3.19 Operations and Maintenance

    Operation and maintenance of storm water facilities and playas is required to ensure that they will perform as designed. Channel bed and bank erosion, drop structures, pipe inlets, and outlets, pumping facilities and overall condition of the facilities shall be routinely inspected and repaired as necessary to avoid reduced conveyance capacity, displeasing aesthetics and ultimate failure. Sediment and debris shall be periodically removed from channels, storm drains, detention basins and retention basins. Trashracks and inlets shall also be routinely cleared of debris to maintain system capacity. The developer shall provide for perpetual maintenance of private drainage facilities. Private drainage facilities are those drainage improvements which remain on private property, are designed to serve only private property and are not owned by the City. The City will provide for perpetual maintenance of public drainage facilities after the warranty period. The City Drainage Policy requires that access be provided to all storm water facilities for maintenance and inspection. Developers shall be responsible for providing system features to facilitate maintenance of minor drainage systems, including inlets, pipes, culverts, channels, ditches, detention basins and retention basins.


    Amarillo Storm Water Management Criteria Manual

    Amarillo Stormwater Quality Program