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    At AQUALIS, we know Texas’ sustainable water compliance standards and manage regulator relations for our clients. It is our mission to help you become compliant with these stormwater, wastewater and drinking water regulations through inspections, maintenance, repairs and rehabilitation services. As your water compliance provider, we handle the regulatory guidelines specific to Texas and ensure that our services meet the highest compliant procedures to keep you in compliance with local regulators.

    Learn more about Texas’ regulations and AQUALIS’ compliance support.

    City of Bryan

    City of Amarillo

    City of Austin

    City of Fort Worth

    City of Dallas / County of Dallas

    City of San Antonio / County of Bexar

    City of Arlington

    City of El Paso

    City of Corpus Christi

    City of McKinney

    City of Denton

    City of Garland

    City of Irving

    City of Laredo

    City of Lubbock

    State of Texas

    City of Houston / County of Harris

    City of Waco

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