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    City of Dearborn / County of Wayne

    Excerpt from City of Dearborn Municipal Code

    Article VI. Stormwater System Management

    19-215- Requirements to prevent, control and reduce stormwater pollutants by adapting and following the following requirements of the current Wayne County stormwater ordinance, stormwater administrative rules and stormwater standards manual

    Site plans for proposed development or redevelopment will be reviewed in accordance with the City's current zoning ordinance, to ensure plans meet the current Wayne County post-construction runoff control design standards. The city and designee will adopt requirements set out in the current Wayne County Stormwater Ordinance, stormwater administrative rules and stormwater standards manual.

    The property owner upon completion of construction must enter into a binding long-term maintenance agreement with the City, at their own expense, to document, routinely monitor and maintain the stormwater quantity and quality BMP's so they continue to operate as designed. The agreement shall be set up that if the property owner should be determined to be non-responsive to notice of maintenance action required that the City may enter the property to perform the maintenance required.

    The long-term maintenance agreement shall be recorded with the Wayne County Register of Deeds and subject to transfer to the new owner upon sale of the property.

    19-218- Enforcement

    a) Notice of Violation: Whenever the Director or their designee finds that a person has violated a prohibition or failed to meet a requirement of this Article, the City of Dearborn may order compliance by written notice of violation to the responsible person. Such notice may require without limitation:

    • The performance condition monitoring, and measuring:
    • The performance maintenance work in order to get BMPs functioning as designed;
    • Payment of a fine to cover reimbursement of direct plus administrative costs

    19-224- Criminal Prosecution

    a) Any person who violates this article shall be guilty of a 93-day misdemeanor punishable by a fine of up to $500 and jail for no more than 93 days

    b) The City of Dearborn may recover all attorney's fees; court costs; and other expenses associated with enforcement of this article, including condition monitoring and maintenance expenses.


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