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    City of New Bedford

    The City of New Bedford has enacted Ordinances in order to set uniform requirements for dischargers to enable the city to comply with the provisions of the Clean Water Act and associated federal and state regulations and to provide for the public health and welfare. The City of New Bedford is the permitting authority for all land disturbing activities and requires the land owner to maintain all on-site stormwater control facilities and all open space areas (e.g. parks or “green” areas) required by the approved stormwater control plan. The City of New Bedford will only provide construction permits to projects that establish a plan to manage stormwater runoff occurring during the construction process. The City of New Bedford, under the NPDES program, also has the authority to inspect properties for noncompliance and can issue a notice of violation (NOV) for any deficiency or infraction onsite. Property owners are responsible for the maintenance of any stormwater facilities or practices located on the property. The City of New Bedford has the authority to inspect stormwater facilities and practices in order to ascertain that they properly maintained and functioning.

    Article VIII- Stormwater Management

    Sec. 16-134. - Scope and applicability.

    (a) No person shall alter land within the City of New Bedford without having obtained a stormwater management permit (SMP). The storm water authority may seek input from city departments during the review of a storm water permit application. City departments shall provide input to the storm water authority, upon request.

    1. New development.
      1. Except as expressly provided herein, stormwater runoff from all industrial, commercial, institutional, office, residential, roadway, and transportation projects, including site preparation, construction, and additions/expansions, and all point source and nonpoint source stormwater discharges from said projects shall be managed according to the stormwater rules and regulations and shall require a SMP.
      2. Linear projects, including those not more than ten (10) feet in width, including footpaths, bike paths, and other paths for pedestrian and/or non-motorized vehicle access, shall also meet the stormwater rules and regulations and shall require a SMP.
    2. Redevelopment.
      1. Except as expressly provided herein, stormwater from all redevelopment projects as defined in section 16-133. Definitions of this ordinance shall be managed according to the stormwater rules and regulations and shall require a SMP.

    Sec. 16-135. - Fees.

    At the time of an application, the applicant shall pay a filing fee pursuant to a fee schedule, which shall be determined by the commissioner of the department of public infrastructure and approved by the city council. Any subsequent changes to the fee schedule shall be submitted to the city council for approval.

    Pursuant to rules and regulations promulgated by the commissioner of the department of public infrastructure, reasonable fees may be imposed upon applicants for the purpose of securing outside consultants including, engineers or other experts, in order to aid in the review of proposed projects. Such funds shall be deposited into a revolving fund, which shall be established specifically for this purpose. Additional consultant fees may be requested where the requisite review is more expensive than originally calculated or where new information requires additional consultant services.

    Only costs relating to consultant work done in connection with a project for which a consultant fee has been collected shall be paid from this account and expenditures may be made at the sole discretion of the department of public infrastructure. Any consultant hired under this provision shall be selected by and report exclusively to the department of public infrastructure. The department of public infrastructure shall provide applicants with written notice of the selection of a consultant, identifying the consultant, the amount of the fee to be charged to the applicant, and a request for payment of that fee. Notice shall be deemed to have been given on the date it is mailed or delivered. The applicant may withdraw the application or request within five (5) business days of the date notice is given without incurring any costs or expenses.


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