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    Exploring Stormwater Best Management Practices

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    Water compliance is not optional. Stormwater systems are a complex combination of assets, called Best Management Practices (BMPs) that work together to manage stormwater runoff. Every developed property one acre or larger is required to have a stormwater system. Engineers make careful calculations of impervious material, soil drainage and rainfall for the site. With that data, the amount and type of BMPs are selected for proper stormwater management. Careful consideration is given to the implementation of each stormwater system, and they must be properly maintained to ensure stormwater runoff is properly mitigated.  

    Registrants will learn about overall preventative maintenance requirements as well as measures they can take to avoid costly repairs and rehabilitations.  

    Being informed on how to spot deficiencies such as flooding, erosion and sinkholes quickly can prolong the life of your stormwater system. See real world examples of stormwater best management practices like maintenance plans and rehabilitation projects along with solutions and steps for prevention.