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    PFAS in Stormwater-Pacific Precursors

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    This session will look at PFAS/PFOA, known as “Forever Chemicals” including new and proposed regulation from US EPA and the Pacific Region, including California, Washington, and Oregon, regarding these chemicals of concern in different types of media, including potential contributions to drinking water, such as ground water and stormwater.

    With the significant increase of highly relevant studies, combined with heightened public awareness, which have led to a plethora of new laws and regulations, the time is now to begin preparation for the next phase of PFA regulations. We will look at emerging regulations and what the future may hold for the stakeholders involved.

    What started with shallow soil impacts, then moved to potential groundwater and wastewater impacts, now emerges with what is next on the horizon: stormwater.

    We will walk through some of EPA’s current and proposed regulations, the Pacific states’ current regulations and orders and then examine potential liability for property owners, managers, consultants and dischargers.

    The objective of this track is to increase awareness and examine what to expect next on the horizon for PFAs in stormwater.


    Upon completion of this course, attendees should be able to:

    • Understand PFAs and potential considerations for Sites with potential affected stormwater exposure and discharge
    • Discuss emerging PFAs legislation regarding water quality
    • Explain future potential PFAs liability in regards to stormwater and water quality