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    Side Lateral Sewer

    Side Lateral Sewers, otherwise referred to as Private Sewer Laterals, Side Sewers, or simply Laterals, are wastewater pipes that connect public sewer systems to private properties. Located on private property, the responsibility of these wastewater pipes is commonly placed on the property owner. However, confusion about this responsibility among businesses and homeowners often leaves sewer laterals neglected.

    AQUALIS’ CCTV crawlers offer pipe inspections for an array of underground systems, including side lateral sewers. Paired with state-of-the-art technology, AQUALIS’ National Association of Sewer Service Companies (NASSCO) certified inspectors can operate crawlers in side lateral sewers as small as 2” in diameter.

    Side Lateral Sewer CCTV Inspections

    Does My Property Have a Side Lateral Sewer?

    Yes. If a property utilizes public stormwater or sewer systems, there are side lateral sewers.

    What Responsibilities Do Property Owners have?

    Depending on local regulations for your area, property owners may be responsible for the maintenance, repair, and replacement of Upper Lateral, or both Upper and Lower Lateral.

    • Upper Lateral is all wastewater piping within the property line.
    • Lower Lateral is the wastewater piping connecting the public sewer line to the upper lateral at the property line.

    To learn the responsibilities of your area, contact the city or local sewer department.

    Side Lateral Sewer Inspections as Routine Maintenance

    Lateral clogs can be expensive for property owners. Often only noticed once flooding or other property damages have occurred, the costs of unclogging on top of property repairs accumulate quickly. Utilizing AQUALIS’ CCTV crawlers to inspect laterals before failure can allow corrective action to be taken before drastic efforts are required.

    Side Lateral Sewer Inspections During Property Assessment

    Before purchasing a property, side lateral sewers should be inspected to ensure pipes are functioning and not in need of repair. Implementing AQUALIS’ CCTV inspections as part of the property assessment process can save property owners thousands by identifying any required repairs, areas of concern, and overall health of the side lateral sewer system.

    Side Lateral Sewer Problems Identified During Inspections

    Without CCTV underground pipe inspections, the overall health and repair requirements of side lateral sewers can be uncertain. CCTV side lateral sewer inspections allow AQUALIS’ professionals to identify common causes of failure including:

    • Pipe Damages: Cracks, fractures, and breaks within a side lateral sewer can lead to collapse if left unnoticed, costing property owners thousands in repairs.
    • Operational Obstructions: If debris, trash, or intruding roots obstruct side lateral sewers, pipes can clog and cause backflow that may flood the lower floor of your property. If identified, AQUALIS’ jetting services can clean your side lateral sewers and restore function without the need for expensive repairs.
    • Compromised Systems: If a system has a serious defect, the location can be pinpointed to ensure the issue is within the zone of responsibility for the property owner.
    • Pipeline Condition: AQUALIS’ CCTV inspections can assess the overall health of the side lateral sewer to assess the value for current and future property owners.

    Please contact us to learn more about how AQUALIS can assist you in evaluating and maintaining side lateral sewers.

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