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    Injection Grouting

    Injection grouting is the process of filling cracks and voids of pipelines with grout mixes. From inside the pipe, grout is injected into the void and seals the weakness, preventing leaks and infiltration. Infiltration can be detrimental for pipes. Once a crack forms, soil is able to infiltrate pipes and rush through the opening enlarging the existing fault. Weaknesses in pipes are often due to pressure of the surrounding soil, root infiltration, pipeline joints or factory defects in the line. Injection grouting is a cost-effective choice for minor pipeline issues before the weakness compounds. Injection grouting works by inserting the grout mixture through the crack into the surrounding soil outside the pipe, filling any void in the soil and strengthening the exterior of the pipe.

    The choice of grout mix and procedure vary based on the conditions of the pipeline and severity of the issue. If the pipe is structurally sound, injection grouting is likely the best choice for point repairs. Injection grouting is a proactive approach to pipe repair that prolongs the life of your existing infrastructure.


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