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    AQUALIS’ Sustainable Water Compliance Summit Now On-Demand

    AQUALIS’ Sustainable Water Compliance was hosted on May 25, 2021, to nearly 500 live attendees. To ensure access is available to all registrants and future registrants, the content for the event is now available on-demand. Attendees can access keynote addresses, CEU sessions, and the panel discussion all on their own time and leisure.

    Additionally, all views of the CEU sessions that meet the minimum criteria for issuing approved credits will receive their certificates automatically. Registration is easy and all content is available on our event platform here.

    Event Topics Included the Following:

    • Preventative and corrective best management practices for stormwater and sanitary assets, including identifying aboveground and belowground deficiencies to ensure system functionality and optimizing asset investment.
    • Advancements in Smart Water technology, including how businesses and municipalities using data to make improvements to their water infrastructure, enhancing rehabilitation budget projections, and mitigating flooding risks in their communities.
    • Addressing current and future climate risks, including the most recent hurricane season, plummeting temperatures in the Southeast, increasing rain events, and how vulnerable our water infrastructure is to catastrophe.
    • Looking ahead to regulation changes and impacts on the water sector from federal, state, and local authorities, including how local municipalities and businesses adapt and implement these compliance changes.

    Keynote Addresses 

    The event included two keynote addresses from two highly regarded industry experts, Dr. Sylvia Hood Washington and Philippe Cousteau, Jr. Both presentations provided insightful and action-based drivers to impact the water industry in a positive way.

    Dr. Sylvia Hood Washington discussed the impacts to the water industry from climate change, how to implement green building standards, and the challenges facing the water management industry at this time.

    Closing the day with a tone of inspiration and hope, was Philippe Cousteau, Grandson of Captain Jacque Yves-Cousteau, where he presented on the topic, ‘Our Water Planet, Hope for the Future’.  You can view each of these compelling addresses on-demand, here.

    Panel Discussion

    Addressing the topic of ‘Best Practices and Lessons Learned from Water Management Influencers’, this highly experienced and expert team of panelists provided anecdotes on the challenges they are currently facing with positions in the water industry such as water management technology entrepreneur, environmental compliance and sustainability manager for a billion-dollar retail organization, stormwater engineer, and deputy county engineer. This must-see panel discussion was a highlight for many attendees with insightful takeaways and thought leadership applicable to many different job titles within the water management industry.

    Continuing Education

    With over four hours of continuing education offered during the live event, these courses are now available on-demand to view and receive credits including a digital certification.

    Courses Available On-Demand:

    • How Covid-19 Challenge Illuminated Opportunities Transformation Change with Collection System Maintenance /Opti's Smart Watershed Network Management (two speakers within one session)
    • Catastrophic Flood Preparation: Tools to Help Minimize Impact and Damage
    • Sustainable Construction and the Evolving Standard of Care
    • Green Infrastructure: Everything You Wanted to Know but Were Afraid to Ask

    You can view all of our sessions here. Stream and watch at your leisure to experience AQUALIS’ Sustainable Water Compliance Summit. Look for more details in early 2022, as we announce next year’s hybrid event details.

    Additionally, you can find more educational webinars from AQUALIS here.