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    As the host for water professionals around the globe, the annual WEFTEC conference is an authoritative source for all things water, as well as a powerful engine of knowledge creation and exchange of ideas.

    This year, the venue was New Orleans, and we attended the conference in search of new concepts, products, information, and technologies to improve water quality by professionally managing stormwater systems.
    Still new to the WEFTEC scene, (this is only the second year), was the Stormwater Management component of the conference. With new technological devices, conveyance measures, software, and machinery on display at the various booths within the stormwater management section of the Exhibit hall, it’s hard not to be excited about the future of Post-Construction Stormwater Management. The big take away for stormwater professionals this year is the ever increasing focus EPA officials, municipal directors, utility managers, and engineers are directing toward post-construction stormwater maintenance. Often an afterthought, this major component of MS4 compliance has the greatest impact on long-term flood control and overall water quality.