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    Pipe Repair Services

    Sewer systems, like all infrastructure, require repairs and occasionally replacement. Repairs are intended to prolong the life of the system by catching failures early.

    Sewer systems are largely the responsibility of municipalities, but not exclusively. Property owners are responsible for the sewer lines connected to their property called sewer laterals. These pipes run from the building on private property and connect to the sewer main line.

    Sanitary sewer pipe conditions are evaluated on a scale of one to five, established by NASSCO and the Pipeline Assessment Certification Program (PACP). On this scale, one describes a pipe in excellent condition while five describes a pipe in need of immediate attention.

    Common Failures

    • Clogged Pipes
    • Corroded Pipes
    • Broken or Cracked Line
    • Root Infiltration
    • Overflowed Sanitary System
    • Mechanical Malfunctioning
    • Joint Separation
    • Grouting Deterioration or Failure

    A wastewater professional will always send a camera inside the pipe to visualize the areas of concern, a process called CCTV. From there the problem can be classified as structural or non-structural depending on the severity of the issue.

    Repairs can range from small scale point repairs to entire sections of pipe. Our wastewater professionals will find the least invasive method to repair your sewer lines, keeping your costs reasonable. Non-invasive pipe repairs are called trenchless repairs as they avoid digging up the length of the pipe which may potentially disturb roads, sidewalks or private property.

    AQUALIS has the experience and expertise required to provide repair services that ensure proper function of sewer systems.


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